GREAT TENGU® 5th Anniversary Edition Design

This year, we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the GREAT TENGU® company, and on this occasion, we have a special surprise to share with everyone:

We have refined our beloved design to bring you a brand new visual experience. This transformation has been personally handled by our Art Director,Mr. Hikawa Makoto, who has integrated his unique and iconic design style into our existing design.

The concept behind the new design is to maintain our original spirit while infusing it with a more modern feel and effect, reflecting the spirit and values our brand has always strived to embody and showcase.

The main concept of the new design is to incorporate a more detailed openwork that adds a sense of depth and visual impact. This distinctive and signature design will serve as the new symbol for our company's brand.

The new design communicates our pursuit of innovation and elegance while also displaying that our core spirit remains unchanged. It represents the experience we have accumulated over the past five years and signifies our achievements and fresh perspective in combining tradition with innovation.

Classic Past, Innovative Future

The arrival of the new does not mean that the original design, which have been so loved, will disappear or be replaced. On the contrary, It will be seen even more frequently across our different products and designs, as It has now become classics. This concept aligns with our long-standing philosophy that allows tradition and innovation to coexist and blend together.